General Health Testimonials

“My son had Covid back in January and lost his ability to taste and smell for 3 months straight. By the 3rd month he started to have a rancid taste in his mouth and everything smelled disgusting. With his doctor being puzzled, my sister reminded me to check out acupuncture. We were referred to East West Acupuncture and after my son’s first appointment he has started to find relief! He ate In N Out last night (his absolute favorite) and said there was a noticeable improvement!”

Customer Since Jul 2021

I have had insomnia off and on for the past twenty years. Three years before seeing Roxanne I had begun treating my condition with western sleeping aids. When I first moved to California my prescription no longer worked for me, and, even with the drugs I was only able to get 2-4 hours of sleep at night, and never felt rested. I was at my wit’s end, and several people recommended acupuncture to me. After the first treatment, I noticed significant improvement. I gradually began to have more good nights than bad. After a month of being treated once a week, I felt that my problem was under control. For the first time in my adult life, I felt like I could sleep like a “normal” person without the use of drugs. This treatment was like a miracle to me. I would highly recommend acupuncture for treating insomnia, and Roxanne Alee as a clinician.

Jennifer, Citrus Heights

You helped me the most of all my providers. I had two herniated lumbar discs with lots of nerve pain —sciatica radiating down my leg. I am a Kaiser patient, and I have to wait so long for an appointment with their acupuncturist. I couldn’t wait; I had to have some relief fast. Roxanne was able to assist me with my pain, and completely take away the pain within 4 weeks. I was able to get off the Vicodin within 4 weeks. Every session the pain got better and better.

Jacqui, Sacramento

I began acupuncture treatment with Roxanne shortly after being diagnosed with Shingles. A co-worker told me she had been treated with acupuncture when she had Shingles, and was very satisfied with the treatment. My doctor told me it would take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to recover from Shingles and she treated me with anti-viral and pain medication. After the first acupuncture treatment, I felt considerably better. I recovered quickly and didn’t need the pain medication after all. Now that that’s over, I’m a believer in acupuncture and will continue to receive treatment for other problems.

Michelle, Foresthill

I was in excruciating pain. This awful pain began after having some dental work done. The pain was so awful, that I had thought if I could just remove my head, I could get some relief. I stopped taking Vioxx and pain killers within two acupuncture treatments. The pain went away and has not returned.

Since then, I have had several other acupuncture appointments with Roxanne. I have seen her more times this year then my regular family physician. I prefer her because I have confidence in her diagnosis and her ability to treat the medical problem. Each treatment is performed in a quiet restful way which I feel only contributes to my well being. Roxanne is also warm and caring and will talk with me as a friend. I recommend acupuncture treatments and I highly recommend Roxanne Alee.

Karen, El Dorado Hills

After suffering a work related injury, I followed the Western approach to medicine (medications & physical therapy) for a year, but did not experience enough healing to return to work or even complete routine daily living activities. I turned to alternative therapy with Roxanne and the results have been both immediate and astounding. With continued acupuncture treatments, I am able to manage my pain and have since returned to work.

Cynthia, Elk Grove

When I started treatment with Roxanne Alee at East West Acupuncture Center, Inc., I was suffering from a fall and hitting my head on the sidewalk. I had been suffering with symptoms of severe headaches, stabbing pain in both ears, TMJ pain and back pain for six months. I had gone to different doctors for treatment, and they had helped with some of the back pain, but the other symptoms continued with no relief. At the end of treatment with Roxanne, the pain from my TMJ was totally gone, the level of head pain was minimal and she had reduced the stabbing pain in the ears to a bearable amount. Overall I would recommend acupuncture to others because of the relief I received from the treatment and the ability to enjoy my daily life at a higher level.

Bonnie, Antelope

I have Fibromylagia and arthritis. My entire body ached, and I was tired of it. The constant pain had become a burden to carry, making me frustrated and tired, so I was going around in circles exhausted. Roxanne listened patiently and noted by concerns. She stated that our first course of action was to get the energy moving in my body. The first visit brought much relief to my entire body. I have been going to East West Acupuncture Center for a few months now. Roxanne and I have addressed other health issues including shingles with success as well. We feel we are a team working on my whole body and mind. I refer to her as my “Health Care Provider”. I encourage anyone that is living with chronic pain to take the steps in alleviating their discomfort with acupuncture.

Jessica, Rocklin

The acupuncture was very effective and I don’t have any cravings. I recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

L. V., Lincoln

Women’s Health Issues Testimonials

I’m so happy to have found a knowledgeable Chinese Herbalist in the Sacramento area. Roxanne has helped me with various PMS and pre-menopausal issues, including uterine fibroids, breast pain, insomnia and fatigue. I’ve been very pleased with the results. I appreciate the wealth of personal experience she has in working with herbs and women’s health issues. In many cases she can give advise based on personal experience – this is something that I appreciate.

Marie, Roseville

After suffering with morning sickness for a month and trying everything recommended by my physician (e.g., candied ginger, pressure point wrist bands, ginger ale, eating small meals, crackers, etc.) without success, I came to see Roxanne and after the first session I actually felt like I could eat. I went out for lunch that day and was able to eat my whole lunch! By the second session the morning sickness had greatly subsided and within a week after my second session my morning sickness was gone. I am very grateful for her help. I don’t know how I would have managed to continue working if the morning sickness had continued. I would recommend Roxanne’s services to anyone suffering with morning sickness…she was a life saver! Thank you again!!!

Cindy, Citrus Heights

Just when I thought I was out of choices for dealing with my hot flashes, I came to East West Acupuncture. I am taking Tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention, and a major side effect of this medication is severe hot flashes. I was so desperate because my hot flashes were every twenty minutes and I was extremely agitated and very weak from loss of sleep. After three days I noticed that the entire morning had passed without a hot flash. That night I had the deepest sleep I hadn’t known for months. Discovering acupuncture was a blessing in disguise for me. Not only has it revitalized me and improved my health but knowing I am being treated by someone who has experience with women’s health issues gives me the confidence to know I am in good hands. Roxanne adds a personal touch to my treatments by giving me articles on foods, herbs, teas aromatherapy, which compliments my treatments. This is a must treatment for women battling breast cancer or for any women concerned about overall health and well being!

Marlene, Rio Linda

In April 2003, before I met you, my migraines were so debilitating when they hit without warning, that I couldn’t think, walk or talk, but just stay in bed. No meds that I had been prescribed gave me any long term relief. I had already had to leave my job when I came to see you. Meeting Roxanne was refreshing. No one had asked me as many questions about myself ever. And she used that information and what I said each week to help me. I was very impressed with the research she did for my condition(s). Within 5 treatments I was having fewer migraines and less intense, and within 14 visits (averaging two visits per week) they were gone. I was amazed. During treatments you also relieved my hot flashes. Her patience, concern and gentle manner, I am sure, are also reasons I got better. Since my follow up treatments ended, I have not had a migraine, or a hot flash. Personally I recommend her whenever possible. Her compassion and care combined with her knowledge are truly rare. With sincere thanks and appreciation.

Jo Ann, Citrus Heights

Fertility Testimonials

I wanted to let you know how much I loved working with you. I was so apprehensive about relying upon Eastern medicine to help me conceive a child. We had spent almost four years (two whole years with an RE) trying to get pregnant the first time. It was such an emotional commitment to begin again and I was really scared. My husband supported my decision and I found you by shear luck!Now, we both know how much I HATED the needles, but somehow, I still managed to come back each week. You talked me through my fear and the pain, although it wasn’t THAT bad. Honestly, I’m not sure how it works, though I’ve done some research and acupuncture has been proven to work medically, but I’m really glad it did. We think about you often, and every time I think about how lucky I am to have twins, you come to mind. Again, thank you for everything!

Amy and Kanat Tibet, Ruby, Mina and Rosie, and lastly, Waylon Marie, Roseville

My wife and I had been through 5 years of infertility treatments and nothing worked (3 IUF’s and numerous IUI’s). We asked Roxanne to help us, and she treated my wife both before and after the IVF procedure. The medical doctors said our chances were slim. During my wife’s acupuncture treatment with Roxanne, she said she felt the universal energy (Qi) unblock a channel in her uterus. Luke was born perfectly healthy nine months later. I am convinced Roxanne’s intention to help us, and the universal energy of “Qi”, that acupuncture unites in a patient, is responsible for our miracle baby.

Matt and Michelle, Lakeport

I never dreamed my husband and I would be able to have a child, but thanks to you and acupuncture we how have a beautiful baby daughter. Being diagnosed with antibody to sperm, I was told by many doctors it would be very difficult to conceive and my only real chance would be to go through IVF treatment, which we did. But with no success, that was 8 years ago. My husband and I have been married 15 years. One month after my first acupuncture treatment I became pregnant. Roxanne, thank you for this incredible gift.

MaryAnne, Rocklin

My husband and I were told by our fertility specialist that we were going to be unable to conceive children on our own. We very distraught at the news. I felt like I needed to calm my body and mind down and concentrate on my well being. When I met Roxanne it was like a breath of fresh air. She knew the right things to say to me and made me feel like I had some control back. We started our sessions and I can’t tell you the difference in my attitude and stress level was immediate. My husband and I decided to go ahead with IVF with Roxanne at our side the entire time. We conceived on out first cycle, triplets! Roxanne even came to my house when I was too sick to venture out. I will never forget the IVF experience and I can’t imagine doing it without Roxanne’s help and support. She is more that a great acupuncturist and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Shailau, Folsom

My husband and I tried to have a baby for three years. After the first year of trying without success I went to my gynecologist and was told that the only way I could get pregnant was to use IVF. So for the next two years we attempted several IVF treatments and still we didn’t get pregnant. It wasn’t until I decided to try a combination of East & West medicines and go to Roxanne for acupuncture treatments that I finally got pregnant. Thanks to Roxanne and her expert knowledge of acupuncture for treating infertility we have a beautiful baby girl! I will definitely go back to Roxanne when we try for a second miracle.

Kelley, El Dorado Hills

Roxanne has been a blessing to us and was definitely a part of helping us welcome our little miracle daughter into our lives. She is very caring and professional and stays abreast of the latest in Chinese medicine and healing. Both my husband and I went to her for about 6 months prior to our IVF cycle and also did the before and after acupuncture treatments the day of our actual transfer. We know that Roxanne increased our odds and we’ll always be thankful for our beautiful little girl. We recently just conceived again through the same IVF process and were thankful again to have Roxanne’s expertise helping us along the way!

Robin, Rich and Riley

I was coming to you because of infertility issues that my husband and I were having. A few weeks after my second session I became pregnant and recently gave birth to a health beautiful baby girl! I been wanting to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful miracle. I truly believe that your help had alot to do with our pregnancy success. My husband and I will be trying for another baby soon and I will definitely be needing your expertise…Thank you so much!


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the treatment you gave me during my IVF. I really feel that the acupuncture treatments are what tipped the scales between another failed IVF and my success. I now have a beautiful healthy baby boy. He is doing great and is a lot of fun.